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Program Manager

Annoys at Genesys Talent: I am a high level program / project manager and my resume is out on most of the major job boards. My basic asking rate for contract W2 is minimum $75 an hour or $140K/year full-time. Yet I keep receiving emails with jobs that has a max rate of $16/hr. I have even sent mail back stating the above but these bogus emails keep coming. Sure sounds like a spam to me. This is the email I receive mails from xxx. Advice for Genesys Talent: To look into resume and/or in linked in profile of the candidate before sending out mails Does not like people at Genesys Talent for: I keep getting bogus mails even after sending reply with my experiences and education.


Genesys Talent looks for pe ople for the position of Fuel Transport Driver. Has anyone of you participated in recruitment? Write us how did the meeting with company representative looked like!


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